Best Answer: In Colloquial American English, "I want to take you out" means A person is asking another person on a date (or an outing). However, this generally connotates that the speaker is asking for an outing that is under the auspices of more than just friendship. If someone asks you this question.

take (tk), A successful grafting operation or vaccination. take Admission of patients to hospital either through A&E or by GP referral. The medical and surgical teams rotate on take during the day and at night. The firm in hospital on take administer patients and assume responsibility for their care.

Define take out. take out synonyms, take out pronunciation, take out translation, English dictionary definition of take out. v. took , taken , taking , takes v. tr. 1. To get into one’s hands, control, or possession, especially: a. To grasp or grip: take your partner’s hand.

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Definition of take-out in the dictionary. Meaning of take-out. What does take-out mean? Information and translations of take-out in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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Idiom: What does "look out" mean? Nevertheless, it is worth pointing out that the article does not rely on the military rationale alone to justify this.

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